President/CEO - Wokie Weah

•  Provide executive leadership and vision
•  Provide consultancies on high yield youth investing strategy
•  Execute growth, development and marketing strategy
•  Broker relationships and partnerships to reduce disparities impacting marginalized youth
•  Accelerate transformational systems change with and for BIPOC/ Low Income youth

Growth Strategist/In-house Designer - Mys Helen

•  Develop and manage growth marketing strategies and plans
•  Ensure quality control
•  Examine data and analytics
•  Provide strategies for increasing customer acquisition
•  Evaluate and structure how to unlock growth areas
•  Plan and organize activities to be produced by the marketing team
•  Identifying and analyzing key metrics to evaluate and validate growth initiatives.
•  Create reports and present performance metrics to senior management.
•  Design all marketing materials
•  One-Pagers
•  eNewsletters
•  Flyers
•  Etc.
Project Manager - Emily

•  Plan, execute, manage and close out projects
•  Lead and manage cross-functional teams
•  Ensure that all projects are delivered on time
•  Track the progress of open projects
•  Create and maintain project documentation (meeting agenda, meeting notes, etc)
•  Provide project updates to team and stakeholders
Senior Project Manager - Donald

•  Manage and Lead large projects
•  Host project meetings with team
•  Provide feedback, advice and project updates to team
•  Coordinate with vendors and suppliers as necessary

Senior Product Manager - Charles

•  Understand customer experience
•  Improve customer experience and drive growth
•  Manage product launches and product inventory
•  Analyze metrics and success of products
•  Stay updated on customers feedback

Global Operations Director - Ari

•  Handle all oversees relations

Global Youth Engagement Director - Margrit Ramirez

•  Provide strategic advice to WWLLC Executive Leadership (includes reviewing products, materials and services, actively leveraging youth friendly social media platforms, and making recommendations on ways to authentically engage youth voice throughout the philantropic community)
•  Serve as the primary liaison between Board & Staff, representing the organization at local, national and international conferences, researching effective youth engagement practices for adaptation, interviewing youth and contributing online content
•  Lead and oversee the development & implementation of WWLLC youth friendly initiatives, coordinating with funders, stakeholders, partners and vendors

Global Gender Equity Director - Juanita Ramirez

•  Member, Board of Directors
•  Advocate for Women's and Children’s Rights
•  Regularly contribute to content and product development
•  Gender & Equity Representative for WWLLC

Director - Charles B. Roberts Jr.

•  Member, Board of Directors
•  Coordinate Religious & Faith initiatives
•  Liaison for telecom/technology projects
•  Convergence Telecom, Technology & Faith projects



(651) 285.3425
P.O. Box 251412, Woodbury, MN 55125