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Ushering in 2023 with Youth for Youth

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Thank you to all our partners, donors, volunteers, family and friends for helping WW LLC reimagine a justice filled where everyone thrives. As we ring in 2023 checkout our top five favorite highlights from 2022.

Highlight # 5

Integrating the Arts into Plans to Change the World
In May 2022, WWLLC sponsored an Arts Festival at the Mamba Point Hotel collaborating with a team of Liberian Artists. The festival lifted a new vision of why and how the arts can be an effective medium for change and policy advocacy. 

Augustine Fokoe
Visual Artist
Painter, sculptor, and graphic illustrator
Owner, A. Fokoe Art Center in Monrovia

Highlight # 4

WWLLC partners with the We-Care and We-Care International Foundation to celebrate 30 years of tackling Liberia’s toughest illiteracy problem by providing access to culturally sensitive reading materials illustrated and written by Liberian authors. I am especially energized by forging reciprocal learning exchanges between Liberia and Minnesota. I am grateful for the We-Care/CODE partnership. CODE was the first investor in producing locally written and illustrated culturally relevant books. Thank you, V3 Sports, for lifting a new vision of the community in North Minneapolis.

We Care International Foundation, Inc. (

Highlight # 3

Wokie Weah, Founder and President of WWLLC took on the role of Interim Director of Sweet Potato Comfort Pie to heal racially
based trauma, advance youth leadership and accelerate community-based action, one pie at a time!  

Highlight # 2

WWLLC partnered with Youthprise and Every Hour Counts around the Youth Power Rising Initiative designed to reimagine and co-create a youth centered approach and philosophy that can be replicated and scaled nationally and internationally. Excited to co-chair a Youth Advisory Committee with Hikma Sherka. Kudos to Michigan based Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for supporting this innovative Initiative rooted in advancing effective DEI practices.

Youth Ideas Power Afterschool! ( 

Highlight # 1

WWLLC partnered with High School for the Recording Arts, and Bridgemakers to eradicate homelessness, fight racism, embrace risk and rewards, promote youth powered solutions to life skills training, policy advocacy and community leadership. What I loved about this collaboration was understanding people who have experienced homelessness come up with the best solutions for eradicating it. Special shout out to Khalique Rogers, Joe Nathan, Rep Matt Norris and Jon Bacal for their work to eradicate homelessness through old fashion policy advocacy and next Gen savvy.

High School for Recording Arts (

Youth Leading Change | Bridgemakers (

It’s important to hear and learn from youth experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities | MinnPost

As incredible as 2022 was the WWLLC is excited for 2023. We are excited to announce the following priorities for the New Year. Educational support and stabilized housing for the children of Liberia. Dedicated support to the Milan Roberts Fashion Design Line. This 11-year-old entrepreneur is dedicating 20% of proceeds to supporting educational scholarship for the children of Liberia. Continued emphasis on YPAR, the Wokie Weah Football Initiative, and FIFA Strategy support to mentoring partnerships and relationships. Collaboration with convening a Gathering of Elders at the 2023 National Service-Learning Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in April and with the Pollen Network and AARP for ushering in a new vision of intergenerational partnerships that can be scaled.

Pollen - Pollen (

National Service-Learning Conference Home (

Thank you for your partnership and support in 2022!



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