Wokie Weah



In 2022, the Local Legend, Wokie Weah launched the Wokie Weah Football Initiative, setting out a vision to raise money to support disadvantaged youth and their families in war-torn Liberia. This is also a tremendous opportunity for friends of Liberia, NFL/FIFA players, and other organizations to support young Liberians through academic scholarships, character-building and other initiatives.

Each year , starting January 2023, Wokie Weah LLC will provide 400 youths with funding for tuition, books, living expenses, and more. Our goal is to supply 1200 youths with stable housing and work by 2025. Yet, the job is never finished. Our efforts must continue with global leadership.

Tim Weah

There’s no need to draw attention to yourself with a T-shirt when the back of your jersey reads “WEAH.” It’s one of the most famous names in the football world, and it invites plenty of interest, scrutiny, hope, and expectation all on its own. Weah surely would be considered soccer royalty if his famous father hadn’t been elected democratically.

2.3 million

Of youth in Liberia are living at or below the poverty level.

1.6 million

Of youth in Liberia are malnourished and hungry.

4.1 million

Of youth in Liberia are unemployed and do not have access to funds.



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