We would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the mothers among us - our colleagues, partners, and leaders. Your strength, wisdom, and compassion make a profound impact, not only in our homes but also within our workplace.

At Wokie Weah, LLC, we believe that motherhood is among the most cherished roles. To all the amazing mothers who balance professional ambitions with family life, your ability to manage multiple responsibilities with grace and efficiency inspires us all.

Let us all take a moment this Mother's Day to show our appreciation for the mothers we work with, the mothers we love, and the mothers we are. Thank you for everything you do, each and every day!

Wokie Weah, LLC is an incorporated Minnesota philanthropic organization formed for the purposes of providing consultancies on effective strategies for engaging youth, championing educational support to war affected Liberian youth and facilitating reciprocal learning exchanges between Minnesota and Liberia. A self described Border Crosser, Weah works with and for youth on multiple levels:

Promoting culturally relevant reading materials. Weah embraces risk, fosters creativity and out of the box thinking, and dreams of a justice filled world where everyone thrives.

Accelerating leadership, innovation and system change, partnering with philanthropic leaders around the globe to lift up a new vision of global youth leadership, providing scholarships and mentoring support services

Meet Wokie Weah

WOKIE WEAH has a deep understanding of youth development, education administration, and organizational development at the local, national and international levels. In 2021 Wokie Weah retired as the Founding President of Youthprise.

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"Family is one of my most important values. Growing up in tradition my elders provided me with the values to succeed."


"My faith and traditions are what keep me grounded and knowing what I should do next and how I should fulfill my purpose."


"Without the value of friendship and building relationships I will not be where I am today. Having a vast network of people I can rely on."


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